Jacob’s Days 2019

The program at Nanoq during Jakob’s Days 21-28.7 2019:

Guided tours in english everyday at 16.00

15 €/adults

5 €/children

13 €/students

Nanoq’s smokesauna is open to the public 27.7 from 14-18

At 14 and 16 for women and at 15 and 17 for men. The sauna can fit up to 20 people. The museum is also open for an extra price and those who are interested can visit the Arctic museum.

Price: 5e

Dresscode: Free dresscode. Bring your own towel.

At the museum there’s a café where you can buy refreshments. Drinking water is provided in the sauna.

Showering is done in the traditional way, with a bucket.