It begun like this…
From the Bear’s den to an Arctic museum

Nanoq’s history is closely connected with the museum’s enthusiast and founder, Pentti Kronqvist, and his interest in the Arctic. Already in the years 1956-1983, Kronqvist had built a small village with eight cottages in Fäboda, 7 km from the centre of Jakobstad. He chose to name the first building the Bear’s den.
Kronqvist got the idea of building an Arctic museum adjacent to the cottage village during his expeditions in northern Greenland. He had gathered countless objects over the years, which he wanted to show for posterity.


The construction of the first Arctic Museum in Finland began in the summer of 1988, by the newly formed association Nanpq r.f. With the help of donations and thousands of hours of volunteer work, the museum was inaugurated 8 June 1991. In addition to the main building and the cottage village, the area consists of eight buildings, which the association has built for exhibitions over the years.

Part of the group of volunteer workers that built the museum